"Havurah" comes from the Hebrew word for friend.

A havurah is a small social group that offers friendship and an extended family with the Temple Emanu-El community. 

Our Havurah program helps Temple families form ongoing social groups and enjoy different activities together. The havurot themselves take on all different forms- single or married members, younger or older families, with or without children, etc., and try to best match members of generally similar ages and interests together to form these small groups.

If you’re interested in learning more about this fun program, please contact Bobi Levine, our Havurah coordinator, at bobilou5@gmail.com . New havurot are forming all the time, and existing ones may be looking for new members

If you are a current member of Temple Emanu-El and would like to participate in our Havurah program, please complete and return this form and we will help find the group that’s right for you!